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2014 Proceedings

2014 Urban Education Conference Proceedings
STEM Education in the Urban Environment

1. Integrating and Aligning STEM Education K-16; Susan Singer, Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation

Dr Susan Singer discussed weaving meaningful connections across fields in STEM learning as a way to provide more meaningful learning experiences.  She discussed ways that this is happening today, including new frameworks for K-12 science education, the new AP Biology Curriculum, NSF/AAS changes in undergraduate biology education, and changes to scientific foundations for future physicians.  She also addressed the importance of math education as the foundation for the rest of the STEM fields, and introduction to meaningful learning experiences as a motivator for disadvantaged students.

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2. Separating Facts from Fads: How Our Choices Impact Students’ Performance and Persistence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; Philip Sadler, Science Education Department, Harvard University

The U.S. is unique in the variety of teaching methods and curricula used in science and math classrooms. Dr Sadler and his colleagues have mined 20,000 college students’ histories taking critical college “gate-keeper” courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and calculus, putting to the test K-12 educators' beliefs about the kinds of preparatory experiences and key resources that impact both college grades and students’ career choice.   He shares findings on the impact of lab experience, graphing calculators, computerized labs and simulations, demonstrations, content coverage, Advanced Placement courses, project work, teacher professional development, and mathematics preparation.

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3. Social Capital in Urban Youth in STEM Outreach Activities; John F. Drazan, Anthony D’Amato, Aaron Littlejohn, Max Winkleman, Chris Johnson, Laquana Cooke, Eric H. Ledet and Ron Eglash

In this case study, Drazan, et al., study explored the concepts of “experimental capital” and “credentialing capital” by engaging urban youth in STEM through the use of examples in the sporting world.  Urban students without a previous interest in STEM activities became engaged by exploring the science of athletic performance.


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